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12.11. - 15.11.2017
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In November 2017, the Black Psychiatrists of America (BPA) will host the the 38th Transcultural Psychiatry Conference in New Delhi, India as we explore the mental health issues that face India, Africa and the African Diaspora from clinical and research perspectives. What are the common challenges facing these population groups and how can mental health professionals approach these challenges in effective ways that meet the needs of the population groups that we serve?

From a global mental health perspective, what strategies and services have been most effective in service delivery to the patient populations that need them most and what are the unmet needs that continue to plague and impeded adequate service delivery to underserved populations on the African continent, in India and in the African Diaspora.? There is a need for collaborative research efforts in diagnosis, treatment, policy, and socioeconomic factors that impact the mental health needs of global populations. Prioritizing mental health for countries ... more see URL