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1970 - 2015 • 45 Years AGEM

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Mission Statement

AGEM is a German association for medical anthropology Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ethnomedizin and was founded 1970 in Hamburg, Germany. It is classified as a non-profit organization of scientists, practitioners, and institutions.

In its founding principles from 1970, the AGEM established its mission to advance the critical inquiry of an "interdisciplinary field uniting anthropology and medicine" and to foster the scholarly collaboration and research at the nexus of medicine and culture, including in the related fields of the history of medicine, human biology, pharmacology, botany in the natural sciences, and in medical, social and cultural anthropology, human ecology, sociology, psychology, and folklore studies in the social sciences.

As outlined in the bylaws, the AGEM is committed to the research and dissemination of academic and practice-based research examining the intertwined relationships of medicine and culture through 1) the publication of a corresponding peer-reviewed journal, 2) regular professional meetings, and 3) the collection of relevant written materials that serve the purpose to increase scholarly exchange and debate.

1) Corresponding Journals: A Brief History

The AGEM has always made it its chief objective to publish relevant academic work in a corresponding journal.

The first corresponding journal of the AGEM was Ethnomedicine. Journal for Interdisciplinary Research Vol. I (1971)-Vol. VII (1981/82), worldwide one of the first in the field.

The second and current professional journal of the AGEM is Curare. Zeitschrift für Medizinethnologie (Curare. Journal of Medical Anthropology). Curare has been published since 1978 and up until Vol. 30(2007) had a different subtitle (Journal of Medical Anthropology and Transcultural Psychiatry).

Curare. Journal of Medical Anthropology

Curare is a peer-reviewed journal that has served as the official journal of the AGEM since 1978. It represents part of our mission to disseminate scholarly and practice-based research in the interdisciplinary field of culture and medicine. Since 1993, it has been published through Amand Aglaster, Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung in Berlin (VWB) (Vol. 16(1993) to present). From 1978 to 1992, it was published through Verlag Vieweg, Braunschweig and Wiesbaden (Vol. 1,1978-15,1992).

Curare provides a bilingual (German and English) forum for the dissemination of academic and applied work by bringing together both scientists and practitioners who are engaged in scholarly and practice-based research that examines the relationships of culture and medicine, broadly conceived. Particular fields of interest include traditional medical systems and healing practices, public health, development and medicine, transfer of medical knowledge in a globalized world, and related domains that pertain to the critical inquiry of the relationships of medicine and culture in medical anthropology.

2) Professional Meetings

Since 1973, the AGEM regularly holds professional meetings, often in collaboration with other academic organizations in related fields (see Tagungen). Given our long history of collaborations, we have established a broad network in the interdisciplinary field of culture and medicine (see Links). In addition, our website and listserv have become useful resources to disseminate the information about upcoming meetings and calls for papers of related interest groups andprofessional societies.

3) Resources

We provide regular updates on related upcoming meetings on our website, listserv, and news see Tagungskalender.

We also have a collection of books of important literature in the field (see Literatursammlung).

Finally, our website provides regular updates about recently published books in the field (see Neuerscheinungen).

Feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

(translated by Gerd Venghaus, Ireland)


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