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 SMA = Society for Medical Anthropology (founded 1968)
is a sction of AAA (American Anthropological Association)

AGEM = Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ethnomedizin / Working Group "Ethnomedizin"/Medical Anthropology (founded 1970)
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ÖEG Österreichische Ethnomedizinische Gesellschaft
Austrian Ethnomedical Society, c/o Unit Ethnomedizin,
Medizinische Universität Wien (founded 1978)

Med-Anth-Net EASAEASA Network Medical Anthropology

AG Medical Anthropology in der DGV (founded 1997)


alter link: http://www.medicalanthropology./deutsch/start.html

Die AG setzt sich zusammen aus VertreterInnen der Ethnologie und der Medizin sowie deren Nachbarwissenschaften und befasst sich mit der Untersuchung von Gesundheit, Krankheit und Heilung auf der Basis ethnologischer Forschung, Methode und Theorie //

The workgroup is a section in the GAA (German Anthropological Association) and is composed of scholars from anthropology and medicine as well as their neighbouring sciences. The focus is research on health, illness and healing on the basis of social-anthropological method and theory.

Wikipedia Medical Anthropology

MAAH = Network “Medical Anthropology at Home”
(founded 1998)

Current problems in the anthropology of psychiatry: as examplified by the many problems in mental health care for immigrant and ethnic groups - how can anthropology contribute to the re-conceptualisation of culture in psychiatry?

Outside biomedicine: the perceptions and concepts of health and illness of mundane people may differ to a large extent from the hegemonic biomedical concepts, which is why ideas surrounding caring in health care settings need to be discussed.

MAAH is a network of medical anthropologists who do research in their own culture and society.
The network’s aim is to bring together medical anthropologists in order to discuss theoretical, methodological and practical issues in relation to health and culture. The network has a international scientific advisory board, consisting of:

-Dr. Els van Dongen +, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Nederland
-Prof. Dr. Sjaak van der Geest, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Nederland
-Dr. Josep Comelles, Universiteit Rovira i Virgilii, Tarragona, Spain
-Dr. Sylvie Fainzang, CERMES/Inserm, France (chair since 2010)
-Dr. Vibeke Steffen, Universiteit van Kopenhagen, Denmark
-Prof. Dr. Benedicte Ingstad, Universiteit van Oslo, Norway
-Prof. Dr. Ronald Frankenberg, Brunel Universiteit, Londen, GB
-Dr. Ian Robinson, Brunel Universiteit, Londen, GB
-Prof. Dr. Tullio Seppilli, Universiteit van Perugia, Italy
-Dr. Deanna Trakas, Aegean Universiteit, Mytilini, Greece

: MAAH has a mailing list. Members can contact each other and discuss their work or place messages. You can only subscribe to this list

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